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TEMPER TANTRUM: Fast Food Workers Strike for $15 an Hour, Again

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Dozens of fast food workers who were protesting for a $15 minimum wage were arrested on Wednesday after blocking traffic in Detroit.

After half an hour of warning protesters to stop blocking the street, police arrested 20 to 30 people.

 “Because of this, we had to pull officers away from school patrol to do this and it exacerbated the situation,” said Detroit Assistance Police Chief Steve Dolunt.

Organizers of the protest said that the act of civil disobedience was a way to get more media attention for the cause.

One protester, Kaya Moody, a 20-year-old single mother who works at McDonald’s, stated:

“We always get the ‘Do you really think you deserve $15 an hour as a fast food worker?’ We get that a lot and I just feel like, who doesn’t deserve $15 an hour, you know?”

Well, here’s one response to that:

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H/T: CBS Local


Comments on “TEMPER TANTRUM: Fast Food Workers Strike for $15 an Hour, Again”

  1. Charlene says:

    So how much should a person who went to college for four years and became skilled be paid? Teachers with Master’s Degrees make about $25 and hour after 20 years of experience. If this poor little single mother gets $15 an hour won’t she have to give up her government handouts? She should have practiced birth control and gotten some training. Sick of hearing the whine–give me, give me, give me. I deserve, I deserve, I deserve.