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Father’s Defense of Son with Down Syndrome Will Bring You to Tears

father down syndrome video

Rob Scott is a father of a four year old boy with Down Syndrome, so whenever he hears someone discussing the disease, he has a very strong reaction.

Well, one day he overheard a father and a son discussing Down Syndrome, and the father’s response to the child didn’t sit well with Rob.

The man told the child that Down Syndrome was an “illness” of “not knowing anything.” Scott could have confronted the father and son but instead returned to his car and recorded a POWERFUL message.

In the video, Scott explains that he “let that ignorance grow in another generation and failed my son” before going on to describe how Down Syndrome is one of the “most beautiful things” in his life, stressing that “[j]ust because you read slower or don’t run as fast, doesn’t mean you have a disability to me.”

H/T: Heroes Daily

This video is so powerful and should be shared with everyone as it will inspire and educate you! What was your reaction when you saw this video? Share your thoughts in the comments section below! 

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