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Father Of Paris Terror Victim Just Took A MAJOR Stand Against Facebook!

Paris Terror Attack

As many of you know I have two daughters that I love with all my heart, so I emphasize with this father,who lost his daughter in a terrorist attack in France. I think the possibility of suing social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter and YouTube is a huge mountain to climb but if he can do it more power to him.

Social media has become the breeding place for hate organizations to recruit mindless and low information individuals who do nothing all day but sit on their computers and become keyboard terrorists or bullies instead of going out and getting a real job and being an active participant in society.

This father made a bold move to stop these social media giants from allowing their creations to be used for terrorist propaganda.

Paris Terror Attack

From France24:

Reynaldo Gonzalez, the father of the only American to have died in the November 13 Paris attacks, is suing Google, Twitter and Facebook for providing “material support” to the Islamic State (IS) group, according to a suit filed June 14 in California.

Gonzalez’s daughter, Nohemi, was one of 130 people killed in a group of coordinated attacks carried out in the French capital last November by men who claimed allegiance to the Islamic State group. Nohemi, a student at California State University Long Beach, was studying abroad in Paris and was killed at La Belle Equipe cafe.

But what chance does Reynaldo Gonzalez have in court against three of the Internet’s biggest companies?

According to Gonzalez’s suit, the social media giants “knowingly permitted the terrorist group ISIS to use their social networks as a tool for spreading extremist propaganda, raising funds and attracting new recruits”.

Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube (which is owned by Google) were known to be important communication tools for the IS group well before last year’s attacks. According to the Brookings Institute, at least 46,000 Twitter accounts were used by ISIS supporters in October and November 2014 alone.

Instead of attacking the social media sites for hosting terrorist-related content, Gonzalez’s lawyers claim that Twitter and Google knowingly gave terrorists technical tools for recruitment and operations.

“This is not about the content of the postings. This is about providing an infrastructure by which ISIS can recruit, conduct operations and spread propaganda,” Keith Altman, a lawyer for Gonzalez, told the Los Angeles times on Thursday.

He is correct. ALL the left wing media is spreading hate on a daily basis and should be held accountable. If not for the glorifying evil, people wouldn’t be given the ideas to copy cat the destruction.

Even though I use it for my job and to connect with friends, I have the complete understanding of how social media is the cause of a lot of hatred around the world. Radicals post hatred and those who are brainless pick up on the ideas with wanting to belong to something sick which exasperates the hate. As hard as this seems, shut down social media and watch the world become a quieter place.

Do you think the father will win his case? Will the huge mega social media companies change policies and prevent countries that promote and execute violence against others from connecting to their system? Share your opinions below and give us your thoughts.