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Father Stands to Give Impact Statement in Front of Couple Who Killed His Daughter – All Hell Breaks Loose

I wish nobody had to go through this ever! Watching the video below over and over again, your heart has to go out to the parents of the slain child.

The mother, Jasmine Gordon stood solemnly in cuffs as she and her boyfriend, Clifford Thomas were both convicted of involuntary manslaughter for the death of three-year-old disabled Jamila Smith.


You read that correctly. The mother was involved with the killing of her daughter.

Gordon was sentenced to 7 to 15 years for the involuntary manslaughter charge as well as 14 to 25 years for first-degree child abuse. Thomas was charged with 4 1/2 to 15 years for involuntary manslaughter with an additional 1 to 2 years for resisting and obstruction of justice.

As the natural birth father, Dwayne Smith stood in a Detroit, Michigan courtroom ready to give his victim impact statement before the judge, he snapped and subsequently lashed out at his daughter’s killer, striking him in the back of the head with several powerful blows.


Security cameras in the courtroom captured the moment Smith broke and rushed Thomas, as Gordon stood sobbing.

Jamila Smith was killed last September; her death was ruled a homicide after investigating authorities discovered bruising on her head and chest, deemed consistent with abuse. After the attack, Smith was removed from the courtroom for the assault though he was not charged with a criminal offense.

This was such a tragedy and you can only send prayers for Smith and the remaining family members. Share this story on twitter/facebook and let us know what you think below in our comment section.

H/T – Daily Mail



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  1. Mary says:

    Where was his cheering section? He deserves that.