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Father Was Cutting the Grass, Then Noticed Something About the Grass By His Daughters’ Window that ALARMED Him

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A father of two girls – ages 8 and 10 – was mowing the lawn of his Orlando, Florida, home recently when he noticed a bald patch at the base of his daugthers’ bedroom window. That night, he set out to see what was going on and what he witnessed has both him and neighbors on edge. And that’s when he discovered a peeper was standing on a brick to look into the window.

So creepy!

“It’s very scary,” said Charlene Murray. “It’s always been a quiet neighborhood and I’ve never had any problems. I lived here for 25 years.”

The father told Local 6 he first noticed something strange when he mowed his front lawn earlier that day. He saw a bald spot in the grass right in front of his daughters’ window, triggering his suspicion. Later that night, he decided to double-check the area and saw the man standing on a cinder block peering inside. He said the cinder block hadn’t been in front of the window earlier in the day.

“He came by and waved at me. He said he caught a guy looking through his windows and chased him across the street,” said Sasha Vuckovic, who lives nearby. “They need to get this guy off the streets.”

But deputies said the peeper was able to hop over a neighbor’s fence and get away.

Via Click Orlando

Thank goodness no one was hurt, but this criminal needs to be brought to justice. This is a classic example of the importance of the 2nd Amendment, as I believe any father should have the right to take aim at a disgusting peeper, without a warning shot.