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FBI Confirms The WORST NEWS For Hillary!


Poor Hillary just can’t catch a break.

She lost her lead to Bernie and now the FBI has announced THIS about her emails!

More on the confirmation

And more via Politico

The fact that the FBI was investigating Clinton’s server set-up became public last July. A Justice Department official confirmed the inquiry, but said it was a security review of a potential breach of classified information and was not a criminal investigation targeting Clinton, as the New York Times initially reported.
Since then details about the focus and status of the probe have been scarce, although the FBI has interviewed some former State Department officials about their email practices, including former Secretary of State Colin Powell.
FBI Director James Comey has pledged that the review would be free of political influence.
Last month, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said it appeared Clinton was not a target of the FBI probe, although he seemed to have been referring back to the initial Justice Department statement last summer and did not have any updated information on the status of the inquiry.
While Clinton and her aides have repeatedly characterized the FBI probe as a security review, it’s unclear whether the probe is still so limited or is now a criminal investigation.

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