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I Can’t Believe How Much The FBI Paid To Hack Terrorist’s iPhone!

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Our FBI just paid an enormous amount of money to hack into an iPhone previously owned by the San Bernardino terrorists. We are informed on a regular basis that we have the smartest brains in the whole world living here in the United States, but yet we can’t find anyone to hack the San Bernardino iPhone.

Now reports are the surfacing that the FBI spent over $1 million dollars. Where does that money come from and what information did they get? This huge payout sends the wrong signal. It says we are looking for something we do not already know, and that piece of information is critical.

From USAToday:

“I haven’t said this very often. I’m getting phone calls right now, even today I just got one, I just hung up with one that, if you heard who these people are, people on television that you would say, no way they would ever support, they are committed morally and religiously from never ever even talking to Trump, and I’m hanging up with people that want to get on the Trump deal,” Trump said on Ingraham’s nationally-syndicated radio program.

“I even said to one of them two days ago, ‘I’d love to have you, I think it’s a great honor, but how do you possibly do it?’ He said such bad things, I said how do you do it? He said, that’s no problem. You know why? Because, they’re politicians. They have no problem. He said things that were so onerous, so horrible. I actually asked him, it would be great to have you, but how do it? How do you go from that position to I support Donald Trump? He said, absolutely, no problem,” Trump said.

I do not think the FBI paid the amount knowing that it will get nothing. They likely felt that there was an acute need for the information. What can a phone have stored when all of its call and Internet logs are with the service providers? Perhaps within all the information that the FBI has from all sources all over the world, it is still searching for something extremely valuable.d.

Let’s see if the FBI can do as good on the Hillary Clinton email hustle as they did with the San Bernardino terrorists.

H/T- USAToday

Do you think the FBI should have spent that insane amount of money to break into an iPhone? Share your opinions below in the comment section as we want to hear what you think.