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The Federal Government Spent $6000 On WHAT? This Is a New One…


The federal government is wasteful. We know this.

Whether it is food stamps or bloated bureaucrat salaries, the government loves to spend our taxypayers’ dollars!

But this wasteful spending might hit the lowest and weirdest point yet!

The National Endowment for the Humanities announced this year’s recipients of $21.1 million in federally-funded grants earlier this month.

A chunk of the agency’s taxpayer cash will go toward a study of the recent “history of French lesbian activism,” reports The Washington Free Beacon.

University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign history and women’s studies professor Tamara Chaplin will conduct the groundbreaking research into Gallic tomboy agitators. She’s calling it “Postwar French Media, and the Struggle for Gay Rights,” “a book-length study of the history of French lesbian activism since World War II.”

Really? That’s something that needs to be studied? Lesbian activism in World War II? This isn’t parody, folks, this is real and it is outrageous. Not only is it government waste it is helping academia continue down its road towards irrelevancy! Good Riddance, I say!

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