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A Must-Watch Video: Rory Feek Shares Heartbreaking Song From Dying Wife


As David Bowie has shown us, it is possible for celebrities to face death with creativity and grace.

Country Duo Joey+Rory are doing the same.

In 2012, when they were recording an album, the couple decided to perform a song by a friend who is an undiscovered songwriter. Their hope was that perhaps this could catapult Sandy Lawrence’s career.

The song they chose was “When I’m Gone.” Initially they were going to sing it together, but instead they opted for Joey to sing it to Rory. The video was cut in a manner that showed Rory experiencing the pain of losing Joey.

The couple had no idea how profound the song would be just a few years later. Rory says this is not life imitating art, but this was God’s way of giving Joey a gift.

I can only hope to approach death with such dignity and strength.

Joey has spent her time with family and talking to her Lord and Savior. I hope she will be at peace and when she does, passes onto the next plain with no pain.

Watch the video here, but make sure you have some tissues handy.

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