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Feminist Conference Bans the Most Unbelievable Thing – No, It’s Not Men

Wussification. Infantilization. Arrested development. All of these things are being used to describe the impact of today’s university setting, and even Western culture in general.

The new buzzword favored by left-wing extremists has been “trigger.” And before you think they may have come around to supporting responsible gun ownership, think again. “Triggers” are actions that students have increasingly blamed for things like anxiety and crippling fear. Basically, a trigger is any topic or subject that can make a student feel uncomfortable — at which point they can run to their “safe room.”

No, none of this is a joke, as evidenced by a radical left feminist students conference in Britain recently. In this case, the mere act of clapping was enough to “trigger” so many attendees’ anxiety that organizers had to put a stop to this oppression.

No, really:


clapping seal image

Also banned: sea lions and children’s laughter.

Yes, this happened in real life. Vocalizing support was also banned:

Clapping is a “trigger,” and whooping is “super inaccessible.” Whatever that means.

Western civilization is in serious trouble if students are so wussified and infantilized that clapping causes them to curl up in a fetal position and shake with dread. What happens when these students need to deal with real problems in the real world?

What are your thoughts? What are your triggers? Let us know in the comments!



  1. Mark says:

    My thoughts? These are some stupid kids.

    My trigger? Stupid kids.

  2. Richard says:

    I like the comments about the Democrats posted on here. I have supported Democrats all of my 70+ years but now it seems they are in la la land setting on their ass’s and doing nothing except collect their pay check and screw WE THE PEOPLE.

  3. Matt says:

    Jazz hands is extremely offensive to amputees.

  4. James says:

    The British seem to have gone over the side. No wonder it will be the next Islamic Caliphate in Europe. The kids have no spine in college and the profs are losers. They all deserve what they are getting. This kind of thinking will lead right into Burchas so they will not be stressed out about how they look.