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Ferguson Protester Tries To Block Vehicle, Gets Hit – Cited For ‘Improper Position On a Highway’

It was a very bad day for protester Julian Rist. On December 13th, Rist took part in a Portland rally to protest Ferguson. The rally was held by a group known as Don’t Shoot Portland.

As has been the case in several cities, the group of protesters felt the best way to get their point across was to block traffic, keep people from getting to their destinations, and scare drivers in their vehicles.

Rist was part of one such tactic. Except this time, the driver decided their lives were worth avoiding the protesters at all costs.

Fearing for the safety of himself and his family, the driver hit the gas as protesters surrounded the car, hitting Rist.

The protester suffered an injury to his foot. And to add insult, was ticketed by police for “improper position on a highway.”

Now that’s a bad day of protesting right there.

Watch video (below) from the scene, in which a police officer says it’s just a “freedom of speech issue.”  (HT Gateway Pundit) …


Here’s some advice for Ferguson protesters – Stay out of the path of an oncoming vehicle. It seems like common sense, yet you keep doing it.

Were the drivers actions appropriate? Were the police correct in citing the protester? We want to hear your thoughts …



Comments on “Ferguson Protester Tries To Block Vehicle, Gets Hit – Cited For ‘Improper Position On a Highway’”

  1. Sandy says:

    I agree with the cop. Stay out of the roads. We have side walks for a reason.