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Ferguson Protestors Not Making Any Friends

ferguson protesters

Before the holiday weekend and today, the Monday morning afterwards, those protesting the Ferguson grand jury decision aren’t winning over any hearts or minds with their tactics. Before a predicted snowstorm was about to hit the East Coast, protesters in New York City decided to shut down the FDR Drive, a major thoroughfare, as New Yorkers were trying to get home after work and before Thanksgiving weekend. How this action could possibly sway those stuck in their cars trying to get home to their families is beyond comprehension. NYPD officers were attacked, as Gothamist reported,

After taking the FDR, the protest swung back to the Williamsburg Bridge, where hundreds of people pressed against a hastily arranged phalanx of NYPD officers who wielded barricades and punched at the bolder demonstrators trying to break through. The crowd was ordered to disperse, and did so minutes later. “We’ll fight the pigs on another battle,” a woman holding a bullhorn shouted.

Today, as commuters were making their way back to work on the difficult Monday after a long weekend, Ferguson protesters in Washington, DC did the same thing. Major streets were shut down with protesters blocking traffic with their bodies and signs, preventing those stuck on the road from getting into work, but more importantly, preventing emergency vehicles from passing through the veins of the city as well. It was, apparently, a sin for New Jersey officials to shut down motorways for political motives, however, Ferguson protesters seem to get a pass. In DC, protesters have also targeted the DC Police Department Headquarters, which, as the Washington Free Beacon‘s Lachlan Markay pointed out on Twitter, is particularly senseless:

How would you feel if you were prevented from getting home or to work by protesters? 


Comments on “Ferguson Protestors Not Making Any Friends”

  1. Scott says:

    Yes, we should hold all of their government assistance and then see if they have the TIME to protest! Personally I would run them down on a freeway, pedestrians by law are prohibited from blocking freeways and their protests are illegal to begin with!