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When You See What This Fetus Does When Music Is Played, You’ll Be Amazed!

A study performed by scientists at the Institut Marques in Barcelona using a device known as the Babypod, inserted trans-vaginally into pregnant women between the 14th and 39th week of pregnancy has proven for the first time that babies in the womb are able to detect sounds starting as early as week 16.

The reaction of the babies upon hearing the music was observed via ultra sound.


The amazing results show the babies moving their mouths and tongues in response to music.

For the first time ever we know that a fetus is able to detect sounds starting at week 16, and that external sounds are perceived as distorted whispers.

We have discovered how to allow your baby to hear like us, in such a way that they will perceive sound effectively in terms of intensity, and free from distortions.

A fetus responds to music transmitted intravaginally by moving their mouth and tongue, as if they were trying to speak or sing.

We can now communicate with the fetus, and for the first time we have elicited the fetus to make a specific movement.

“Ultrasound”, the journal of the British Medical Ultrasound Society (BMUS), has published our study entitled “Fetal Facial Expression in Response to Intravaginally Transmitted Music”, an innovative research project on fetal hearing.

This report explains that, beginning in week 16 of pregnancy, a response exists to music delivered intravaginally, expressed through specific movements of the mouth and tongue.

Check out this video report:

This is just one of those stories you can’t hold back from sharing! Planned Parenthood doesn’t believe the fetus is a living being but this shows they are so wrong. Make sure to add this wonderful story to your twitter/facebook timeline.

H/T – Sagepub, Institutmarques



Comments on “When You See What This Fetus Does When Music Is Played, You’ll Be Amazed!”

  1. caliray says:

    I don’t know how many weeks into being born this baby is, but if the story is factually correct, we are seeing a baby at 16 weeks reacting to music while in the womb. Sorta makes the “after 20 weeks” pregnancy abortion ban look outdated and inadequate.