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GoPro Captures What It’s REALLY Like Fighting For ISIS

It’s clear what ISIS wants you to think about them from their propaganda – it is propaganda after all.

They taunt those at war with them, even as ISIS suffers major casualties and continues to lose territory. They release videos showing their fighters in battle, and of course we only ever see them winning battles.

Even their execution videos are carefully planned and produced. Victims are coached into appearing helpless, accepting their inevitable demise.

But the reality couldn’t be any more different. VICE News obtained footage from a headcam of an ISIS fighter who died in March during battle. The video shows the fighters in disarray. confusion, and fear. Eventually they attempt to retreat, but suffered multiple casualties before they could escape.

Nearly every YouTube comment comically expressed sympathy for Abu Hajar, the incompetent fighter who was getting yelled at by the others the whole way through. Among some of the funniest comments I found were:

Abu Hajar thought joining ISIS would stop the bullies but no, they are everywhere.

Abu Hajaar MVP

Abu Hajaar threw this match. F—ing noob.

Maybe they should’ve send Abu Hajaar to do the suicide bombing


I have seen drunk teenagers with more coordination lol.

ISIS is winning the propaganda war, but footage like this exposes just how inept they are in fighting an actual war. If VICE would stop with the identity politics and progressive nonsense plaguing their website,  we may finally be able to win both the war against ISIS on both fronts.

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