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LOOK: Soldier Went To Iraq To Fight ISIS And The Photos He Took Are AMAZING!

A Norwegian solider, tired of the threat of radical Islam and his home country’s unwillingness to fight, decided to do something about it. So he packed his ruck and headed to Iraq!

Via Daily Caller

A Norwegian war veteran left the comfort of his life in Scandinavia to fight Islamic State on the front lines in Iraq.

Dubbed “Mike” by Norwegian press, his Instagram account has gained a large following for the graphic content he shares from the battlefield. Mike left his job with the Norwegian military in January 2015 to volunteer for the Kurdish Peshmerga military forces in the fight against ISIS.

“My goal is to be a part of fighting the ISIS terrorists,” he told Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet in a January interview. “I don’t know when the offensive against Mosul starts, but I am ready.”

To document his part in the dismantling of ISIS, he’s taken several (GRAPHIC) pictures and put them on Instagram to showcase what he and his fellow soldiers are doing about the Islamic State:

My thoughts are with the people of Belgium and everyone else who is affected by todays terror attacks in Brussels. I’ve been in Belgium several times and it remains one of my favorite countries in the world. As I have said before, this is war… our leaders won’t admit it because they’re guilty by allowing radical Islam to spread unhindered in Europe for decades, but make no mistake, this is war. And we will loose this war thanks to political correctness, unless people wake up soon. Here’s an Islamic State terrorist we killed near the Mosul dam two and a half weeks ago. Some may feel this is inappropriate, and to those I say you better get used to it if you’re going to keep following. We will destroy all resistance and punish the deserving once we enter Mosul, because you won’t win this war with dialogue or by doing compromises. #prayforbelgium #prayforbrussels #fuckyourjihad

A photo posted by @peshmerganor on

With my new friends from Rojava Peshmerga after a firefight. Rojava Peshmerga is a unit made up of kurds who have fled Syria to avoid the “brother killing” as they call it. These guys are doing an excelent job holding the frontlines around Mosul and I really hope they can return to Syria one day to live the rest of their lives in peace. Unfortunatly, one of their guys was martyred that day and two were wounded. But as the kurds say, shahid namirin… martyrs don’t die. The video I postet on LiveLeak a week ago went viral and I’ve gained thousands of new followers as a result. I’d like to welcome you all, but also remind you guys that I can’t help anyone join the Peshmerga. I’m sorry, but questions about recruitment won’t be answered. I will however give you some advice. There are several groups on Facebook that are recruiting volunteers to “fight” the Islamic State alongside the Peshmerga. The only problem with this is that no volunteer group is actually allowed to fight. They’re usually placed under the command of a defensive or reserve unit, so they spend all their time at a camp, beeing bored and starting drama within their own group or with other groups as a result. I won’t mention any names, but those of you who know this comunity, can confirm what I’m about to say… many of these groups are made up by people who have lied about their military background and several of them have been fugitives on the run as well. And once they’re exposed as frauds, their criminal background is revealed or they actually commit a crime in Kurdistan, such as beating up and hospitalizing another volunteer or stealing equipment from the Peshmerga, they usually flee the country with the donation money and the remaining guys creates another group and continues in the same track, frauding people for money. The only group I will vouch for, is @global_surgical_medical_group, who’s work I’ve told you about before. There’s also another group I’ve been following closely for a while and who seems legit. They operate in my area and I’ll probably meet them once I return to Kurdistan. If they’re doing what they’re claiming to do, I’ll give them a shoutout as well. #rojava #peshmerga

A photo posted by @peshmerganor on

Part 2/2. Me and my new friend from the Islamic State. Continuing the story. We drove off in our pickup trucks and passed the point that was later to be the Southern front of Sinjar. We stopped at a village that looked abandoned and decided to set up a checkpoint southwards and search the village. We entered the first houses and went from room to room, but didn’t find anyone. At the same time, a few villagers showed up and told us the Islamic State fighters had passed the village from Sinjar last night, and that there were only civilians here, muslim kurds. We told them they could come out from their hiding places, and they did. Once they saw we were Peshmerga and not yezidi militias, which they fear will retaliate against them for what the Islamic State did to the yezidies in Sinjar, they welcomed us as liberators. The villagers flocked around us, cheering for the Peshmerga and the general, kissing us and shaking our hands. The older men was actually crying of relief and we were served tea and bread. We got the names of some of the villagers that had either collaborated with, or was members of the Islamic State, so we drove around in the village and hunted these guys down. We arrested three guys in total and took them to an abandoned house for questioning. They got treated pretty decent, except for the guy in the photo… he had an attitude that some of the guys had to beat out of him. We said goodbye to the villagers and went back to Sinjar with the prisoners. We didn’t see any action that day, which was a big dissapointment for me personally… but we did good. We caught four Islamic State members and the liberation of Sinjar is a major defeat for ISIS and the begining of their end. After Ramadi, Tal Afar and Hawija is taken back from the Islamic State, Mosul will be next, and I’ll do my best to be there as well. #peshmerganor #evilforevil

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This guy is seriously a VIKING! I admit I don’t have the courage to do anyting close to what he is doing! God Bless!

What do you think think of this guy?