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Find Out Why Charles Krauthammer Thinks Obama Is ‘Embarrassing’

If you weren’t aware, the White House is now claiming the Taliban is not a terrorist group.

The administration is opposed to their allies negotiating with ISIS in a prisoner swap, despite actually setting the precedent when they exchanged 5 high-ranking members of the Taliban for Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl.

At a press briefing however, Deputy Press Sec. Eric Schultz explained the difference – saying the Taliban isn’t a terrorist organization, but ISIS is.

He explained that the Taliban has now been labelled an “armed insurgency.”

See what they did there?

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer would not stand for it. He vociferously attacked the President’s new approach to arguing ‘prisoner swaps for me, but not for thee.’

Krauthammer hammered (pun intended) the President as “embarrassing,” “preposterous,” and beyond parody.

Take a look …

Via the Daily Caller:

KRAUTHAMMHER: It slits throats. It attacks buses. It drives car bombs into markets and it isn’t a terrorist organization. Look, you can’t parody this administration. The idea that the United States would not do this is preposterous. Of course we do. And also, the idea that the war is winding down, tell that to anybody who lives in Afghanistan.

This is a fantasy. Obama pretending that the war on terror, the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq are all winding down, and the wars are all back. I mean, this is sort of embarrassing.

Is the Taliban a terrorist organization? Is the White House simply embarrassing and beyond parody?

We say yes. What say you?