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Firefighter’s Intense Body Cam Footage Will Change How You Think of These Heroes Forever


I respect our firefighters as I do my military brothers and sisters and law enforcement. These everyday citizens volunteer to save the lives of people they may never come in contact with other than to save them from dying a horrible death.

Many do not know what firefighters go through when they are battling blazes and running into collapsing buildings, so hopefully through this video below, you will see and admire what these courageous men and women go through.

A firefighter’s body camera captured dramatic footage of their attack on a blazing house fire in San Bernardino County, California last¬†Friday.¬†The video shows firefighters using chainsaws to ventilate the structure by cutting holes in the roof – the only thing that’s separating them from the fire.

The residents of the house were outside before emergency responders arrived, according to the Fire Department. No injuries were reported.

If you didn’t know before, you know now.

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