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Five Times God Blessed America – These Are Truly Something to Be Thankful For


It’s a constant patriotic refrain, one that we’ll hear repeatedly this 4th of July weekend – God bless America. And here at Headline Politics, we love seeing stories about how God has made a positive impact in people’s lives.

With that, here are 5 of our favorite truly incredible times that God, in fact, blessed America or Americans.

1)  After an Oklahoma tornado which saw significant destruction, one teenager snapped this picture which he says shows that God was with us, working in mysterious ways.

2)  After being struck by a drunk driver, Missouri teen, Katie Lentz became trapped in her vehicle for hours. This, despite the best efforts of emergency crews. Lentz began to pray when a priest appeared, seemingly out of nowhere. Once that priest began praying with her, she was extricated in short order and air-lifted to a local hospital.

3)  A baby involved in a car wreck that injured five people was thrown out a window over 25 feet from the vehicle face down. She was virtually unharmed, and the family credited God for keeping her safe.

4)  During a shooting on the campus of Florida State University, one student who was shot at from behind and within five feet, had his life spared when the bullet hit library books that he had just checked out. The student explained that, “the truth is, I was almost killed tonight and God intervened.”

5)  And what list involving God’s grace on America would be complete without this one? Some people say this video shows God is trying to help protect our borders.

What do you think?

Wherever you go this 4th of July, remember that God is still an integral part of American life.

With that, we leave you with this patriotic version of God Bless America, performed by radio star Kate Smith back in 1938 …

Have a safe and happy Independence Day weekend everyone!