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Flashback: Cruz (2011) Proves His Commitment to Stopping Obama


If you’re wondering about the commitment of conservative Presidential candidate, Ted Cruz, to stopping the radical Obama/Clinton agenda come 2016, here is a little refresher showing that he has been battling and railing against Obama’s radical transformation of America since he set foot in the political arena.

In the video below, Javier Manjarres discusses a CPAC encounter with “some guy by the name of Ted Cruz.” The Senate candidate sought out the Florida blogger for his upstart campaign.

Manjarres writes, “Aside from the obvious change in hairstyles, Cruz’s principles and convictions stayed consistent over the past 4 years.”

In the short interview, Cruz states that he’s running for a Senate seat to “fight to ensure we don’t lose our freedom.”

That fight for freedom continues today under the Obama administration.

Cruz ripped President Obama as the “most radical president to ever occupy the White House.”

He added that America was now engaged in the “epic battle of our generation.”


In the four years since, has anything changed? As Senator, Ted Cruz wanted to fight to ensure our freedoms remain intact and he wanted to stop this radical President.

As President, Cruz will surely continue to fight for those very same things.

Can he win the”epic battle of our generation?” Tell us your predictions.