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Flashback: Federal Bureaucrat Brags About Stealing Private Land

park service employee

As we now know, at least one Oregon protester is dead following a shootout with the FBI after the dispute over imprisoned ranchers boiled over.

Many are accusing the federal government of overreach from the beginning, stemming from a dispute between ranchers and the feds over land.

But now, secret video has been uncovered revealing the sinister motives behind the Fed’s land grab of western lands.

Using a hidden camera, someone recorded a U.S. Park Service employee bragging about how she swindled a couple of WWII veterans out of their land for pennies on the dollar, even bragging about how she ‘stole’ Washington D.C.’s money to do it.

The deal, the acquisition of a mine from private owners which the owners said was worth an estimated $40 million. The employee said, “We went out to the mine and the owners were two little guys that had been in the Second World War…We did get it appraised and we did acquire it for $2.5 million which I stole the money from Washington to acquire it.”  She added the Bureau of Land Management “isn’t always supported because we’re the bad guys. We come in, and we take this land. And we always take it for less than it’s worth.”

Watch it here:

No wonder people are occupying buildings over this? The BLM is an organization built on theft and lies!

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