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Flashback: Teen Trapped In Wrecked Car Prays to God… And She Got This Response


Here’s a tremendous story of faith that we wanted to recount, just because of its power and proof that prayer does work despite an increasingly anti-religious society.

Missouri teen, Katie Lentz, was struck by a drunk driver in August of 2013. Emergency crews were struggling to remove her from her wrecked vehicle, despite their frantic efforts to save the 19-year-old. Lentz, rather than panicking, decided to pray.

Via The Secret Place:

Prepare for a story that will take your breath away. What happened to a Missouri teenager on the day of August 4, 2013 is moving hearts everywhere. The events of that day cannot be explained or rationalized in any way outside of being a miracle. One request to pray out loud ended in a miracle that nobody at the scene will ever be able to forget.

When 19-year-old Katie Lentz was hit by a drunk driver while driving in Missouri, first responders faced a difficult time trying to rescue her from the smashed vehicle. Lentz was trapped inside her car while firemen worked their tools in vain to try and reach Lentz. After a series of failed attempts, Lentz requested to pray out loud with the rescuers. After this, an amazing miracle involving a mysterious priest, a bottle of anointing oil, and a powerful prayer ensued.

That priest was Father Patrick Dowling.

Watch the ABC News report on the accident, it is incredible…

Fox News reported:

The young woman suffered 15 broken bones and a lacerated liver and spleen. Her “vitals were failing quickly” by the time rescue workers arrived, her mother said. After two hours and 10 minutes trapped inside the car, she was extricated and air lifted to Blessing Hospital in Quincy.

Her family credits two occurrences for her survival: Katie’s plea for first responders and witnesses to “pray out loud” as she lay with her head on the pavement and the arrival of Dowling, who anointed her with oil and prayed at her side.

On her 20th birthday, Katie Lentz was able to meet with the “mystery preist” who prayed with her that day.

While Lentz is still facing a long recovery and lingering effects from that accident, Father Dowling reminds her that “God loves all of us and God loves you, Katie.”

Indeed he does, and the power of prayer was once again proven to rise above all that man could possibly have offered her that day.

Comment: What do you think? Was this a miracle? Did God help Katie get through this horrific accident?


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  1. Roger says:

    God is in all of us all you have to do is believe and LOOK….