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ANOTHER Shooting In Florida- Multiple Casualties

Florida Hospital Shooting
Another shooting took place in Florida this morning. But thankfully, unlike in Orlando, the casualties were kept to a minimum as the shooter was quickly stopped.

Via CNN:

A man entered a patient’s room at a medical center in Florida early Sunday and opened fire, killing two people, authorities said.

The victims were an elderly female patient and a female hospital employee, who were sitting in the room, Titusville police Chief John Lau said.
Moments after the shots rang out, two security guards came into the room at Parrish Medical Center and took the suspect down, the police chief said.

Thankfully the man was subdued before he could cause anymore harm. What is happening in this country? Will we ever turn away from our violent ways? We will keep you updated on this story if anything further develops.

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Comments on “ANOTHER Shooting In Florida- Multiple Casualties”

  1. Richard says:

    When Trumps wife can’t come up with something original and has to use Micelle Obama’s speech sure doesn’t say anything for her.