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Florida’s Godzilla Alligator Is Back In THIS Unbelievable Video!

godzilla alligator

Last year, the country was mesmerized at a video of an enormous alligator who seemed to be a cousin of Godzilla. The beast was casually walking across a Florida golf course much to the surprise of golfers.

Golf Course General Manager Ken Powell posted his own video of the gator and projects him to be 16 feet long. “He’s big, he’s not a nuisance, he doesn’t hurt anybody. He’s got a giant reservoir to go to,” said Powell. The gator comes out of the reservoir every year at this time to mate.

Check out the video below and be amazed.

Golf course GM: Monster gator is real

HE'S BACK! The gargantuan gator has been spotted again at a golf course in Florida. http://bit.ly/1Xp6KHuVIDEO: K. Powell

Posted by KTVU Fox 2 on Saturday, June 4, 2016

That is both terrifying and fascinating at the same time. That gator might be the one thing to make golf exciting.

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