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Fool Thinks He Can Handle a Sawed Off Shotgun With No Experience… Can You Guess What Happens?

Most of us know that rifles or shotguns with barrels shortened (or sawed off) are illegal here in America. Although there is a loophole stating that the shotguns may be purchased in Canada, as long as they came from the factory with an 8.5 in barrel or longer, the guns still need to be about 30 inches in length to remain legal.

As can clearly be seen, this isn’t the case in the video, meaning that wherever he was in North America, this gun was illegal – period.

The gun seems to belong to the man recording the incident, as the shooter asks shortly after the video begins where to shoot it. The cameraman only suggests that he “hip fire” the gun, meaning it would be at about waist level at the time of discharge.


This is where things go wrong – oh, so very wrong.

Ignoring the warnings of the assumed gun’s owner, the nitwit raises the firearm to face level, but there’s just one problem – the gun doesn’t have a stock. As would normally be the case, the force of the weapon firing (recoil) would transfer through the stock and into the torso of the shooter.

Unfortunately for this “gangsta,” that wasn’t the case – not by a long shot. As one would imagine, upon firing, the gun launches backwards and slaps the man in the face with quite a bit of force, leaving him whimpering in similar fashion to that of a dog.

Everybody knows something is going to go wrong if you aren’t following proper instruction. What do you think about this man? Do you think this will deter him from trying to use this in the future? Share your opinion below in the comment section and add this to your facebook/twitter timeline.

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Comments on “Fool Thinks He Can Handle a Sawed Off Shotgun With No Experience… Can You Guess What Happens?”

  1. Jerry says:

    it’s a wonder that he didn’t turn it sideways like they attempt to hold a semi auto