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Footage of Infamous Jim Beam Fire Reveals the Eerie Thing That Happened to a Nearby Lake


Sure, they may make fine booze and have sales over $2.5 billion a year, but it looks like Jim Beam can’t escape the wrath of God.

Footage just released on the Weather Channel has, for the first time, showed just what exactly happened when the Kentucky distillery famously caught fire in 2003.

A lightening strike started a blaze at the plant, causing 800,000 gallons of bourbon to pour into a nearby lake. The blaze spread to the fire-fueling lake and when it reached its shores, well, this happened:

That firenado was caused when the wind whipped the water into the air.

Thankfully, nothing but fish were harmed during the blaze, though it did cost Jim Beam $27,000 to clean up after it.

Still, when you are earning millions every day, that’s nothing to worry about.

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H/T: Huffington Post