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I Can’t Believe The Former Mexican President Just Lied About THIS

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When you hear former Mexican President Vicente Fox speak, this guy reminds me of liberals here in the United States. They just make nonsense up and say it as if it were true and then walk off like everything is fine.

Fox and I have a difference of opinion, I consider harden goons and gang-bangers who work for the drug cartels and come to the U.S. and kill Americans “terrorists” and he does not.

According to my math, there are tens of thousands of them here and in our jails.

“We have a very safe border,” the former Mexican president said. “With really very sarefully issuing visas. Never has a terrorist has come out of Mexico. They came through Canada or just flying in.”

“So I don’t understand [Trump’s] confusion,” he said. “He is trying to destroy Mexico.”

Ask Vincente why after decades and decades Mexicans are still desperately fleeing their homes and country at great risk to themselves and illegally sneaking into the U.S. to perform menial labor for pennies on the dollar?

Fox and the Mexican government are trying to destroy the United States.

Why is it tolerable for this man to inject himself into an American election like this? Sane people would realize that what he opposes is in the best interest of the United States and the American people – he’s only looking out for Mexico and the billions in remittances that flow south of the border.

Mr. Fox, stop trying to turn America into a third world country!

Respectfully, maybe he should just keep his mouth shut. I understand that Donald Trump’s outrageous statements irritate him, but then he’s making stupid, outrageous statements himself. The border with Mexico is not safe.

We may not have had a wave of Islamic Terrorists choosing to come through Mexico, but as I stated earlier, we all know that tons of illegal drugs and criminals come over that border every day and week. Lots of people die or are killed on both sides of the border area, but especially on the Mexican side. They find mass graves all the time.

So saying the border with Mexico is safe is STUPID and IRRESPONSIBLE. We know it’s not. That’s part of the reason people who live in the border states are so outraged.


How do you feel about former Mexican President Fox telling a bald-faced lie that no terrorists come from Mexico? Share your comments with us (below) and let us know what you think about this statement.

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