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Former Muslim OWNS Pro-Sharia Womens March Organizer

Support for Sharia Law is about the last thing you’d expect to see at a women’s march, but never underestimate the insanity of leftism today. Women defending such a barbaric system apparently care about signaling to their liberal colleagues about how not racist they are more than sticking up for their own rights.

There was a Muslim call to prayer at a women’s march rally held in Germany —video below— and the American one (the day after Trump’s inauguration) was organized in large part by Linda Sarsour, a pro-Sharia law American Muslim activist. Here are some of her more than questionable tweets below:

To summarize her views:

  • Not giving women a particular government handout is oppressive, while preventing them from driving is not.
  • Judging the status of women in a nation with over 15 million of them by the fact that a few are allowed in parliament is acceptable. We just need to ignore the fact that women weren’t allowed in parliament until 2013 and pretend that it’s always been this way.
  • Implementing a legal system that cuts off the hands of thieves, stones women as a punishment for being raped, and commands homosexuals to be thrown off buildings is the reasonable trade off for not having to pay interest on loans and credit cards. Good luck getting a loan in the first place under those conditions (Hint: you won’t).

And what does she think about other women who themselves were once Muslim but left the faith?

In the case of Hirsi Ali, that hit close to home. She had suffered genital mutilation as a five year old in Somalia, and later fled to the Netherlands to escape an arranged marriage. She made a short film criticizing the treatment of women in Islamic society in 2004 with writer Theo van Gogh — a man later murdered by Islamists in broad daylight. Ali now runs the world’s leading organization aimed at ending honor killings and other gender-based violence.

Gabriel, meanwhile, had her home destroyed by Islamic militants during the Lebanese Civil War. She was injured by shrapnel in the attack.

Both women have been exposed to tragedies far removed from the existence led by Sarsour in her apartment in Brooklyn. We all know that if liberals didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any at all — but who thought a key organizer in a women’s march would be this anti-woman? They ought to have known better

Ali was on Fox News last night, and she let Sarsour have it. Watch below.

What the heck is the media doing allowing Sarsour to be portrayed as some kind of champion for women’s rights, all while supporting Sharia law? Maybe we should have Sarsour live under Sharia law for a year and see how she likes it.

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