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What Did This Former Obama Adviser Just Call Voters Who Support Trump?


Remember Jonathan Gruber, architect of ObamaCare? He thought ObamaCare could easily be passed and implemented because of “the stupidity of the American voter.”

Well another Obama crony has a similar theory about voters, particularly those who voted for Donald Trump in Georgia – They’re poor and dumb.

Former adviser to the President, David Axelrod, said that Trump won Georgia because he was trying to appeal to the “downscale vote” which included less educated people.

Via the Daily Caller:

During CNN’s Super Tuesday coverage, David Axelrod implied that Georgia voters are poor and dumb, resulting in Donald Trump’s primary victory in the state.

“When you look at the difference between these states, it really is a difference in income and education,” he continued. “Georgia has more of the downscale vote. Trump has done better there. Rubio has been trying to appeal to upscale, highly educated voters, such as those you find in northern Virginia. He apparently is in the hunt to win or come close to winning a state tonight, and that’s the pattern that I think this race is going to follow.”

There’s a bit of irony in that statement, however. Axelrod served as Barack Obama’s chief strategist during the 2008 campaign. Super Tuesday 2008 saw Obama ride the wave of supposedly ‘poor and dumb’ voters in Georgia, winning 66-31% over Hillary Clinton.

Also, Clinton won last night as she too apparently appealed to the poor and dumb.

Check out this report on Trump’s big night:

Comment: How would you describe voters who support Donald Trump? What about those voting for Clinton? Share your thoughts below.

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