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Former ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Explains Why He’s a Conservative in Hollywood in 1 Tweet

Chuck Woolery, the original host of Wheel of Fortune- who has also hosted the Love Connection and many other game shows – has been in Hollywood a long time. But while many on the left-coast celebrity crowd are brain-dead Obama-loving liberals, Woolery has only been emboldened to stay true to his conservative principles.

Boom! Woolery is spot on! While a few celebrities like Jon Voight and Chuck Norris have spoken out against President Obama’s anti-2nd Amendment and anti-Israel foreign policy, far too many in the entertainment world succumb to a hard-left ideology.

Woolery has been knee deep in liberal muck for 43 years and still came out a conservative anyway. And he put his career on the line every step of the way. He should be applauded for loving America.