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Former Wisconsin Governor Just Gave A Major WARNING About Cruz And Trump!

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I am sure former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson was off his meds when he said this, and I do agree with him partly that Sen. Ted Cruz can’t beat Hillary Clinton in the general but he’s also a Kasich surrogate, who has no shot to win the nomination.

While current Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker endorses Ted Cruz for President, Gov. Thompson says a vote for either Cruz or Donald Trump “is a vote for Hillary Clinton.”


Former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson said Tuesday that Ted Cruz is wrong to call Ohio Gov. John Kasich “a spoiler” and that voting for the Texas senator ultimately benefits Hillary Clinton.

“I think that Ted Cruz is trying to get as many votes as he possibly can and trying to get them away from John Kasich,” he told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on “New Day.” “I think a vote for Ted Cruz is actually a vote for Hillary Clinton. I don’t think Ted Cruz could beat Hillary Clinton.”

Thompson, Wisconsin chairman of Kasich for President, said he hopes the Ohio governor wins the Wisconsin primary April 5 but he is ultimately focused on the general election.

“I know John Kasich, head to head, is the best candidate Republicans can put up to beat Hillary Clinton. If you vote for Ted Cruz or Donald Trump, you’re actually voting for Hillary Clinton,” he said.

Kasich is not even on my map, and I am sure he isn’t on a lot of other voters. Kasich plays well in Ohio, but everywhere else? Most people around the country still know nothing about him and those who do have strong feelings against the liberal-like policies he implemented in Ohio.

I applaud Thompson for standing up for his candidate; I give him a lot of credit for doing so, but I will leave it there. I won’t be pulling the lever for Kasich as I believe it is a vote for Hillary Clinton.


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