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EPIC! Fox Anchor OBLITERATES Obamacare Architect


Among those who created the disaster we know and hate as “ObamaCare” was Jonathan Gruber, an economist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Not only did he play role in designing the law, he also published a comic book explaining why we “needed” the law, and how it would work. It was an attempt to educate misinform the American public, and the errors in his short book have already been pointed out. They’re pretty embarrassing for a man whose an MIT economist.

If Gruber’s name doesn’t ring a bell to you, you may remember seeing him in the news a few years ago when he stated that the Obama administration had to rely on the “stupidity of the American voter” to get ObamaCare passed. He stated that after citing a lack of transparency as a huge political advantage.

You’d probably like to see the man get destroyed after watching the infuriating clip above, so here’s just that.

Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo ripped into Johnathan Gruber — the architect of Obamacare — for more than 10 minutes Tuesday during a very contentious interview.

Gruber, who infamously called the American people “stupid,” alleged that “Obamacare has actually saved people money” and that press coverage of the ailing law has been completely dishonest.

Instead, Gruber said the rising costs of health care were due to a transition in the health care market, claiming that health care giants like United HealthCare and Blue Cross Blue Shield are pulling out of Obamacare because “this is a new and innovative insurance market for which they’re not prepared.”

“They want to offer expensive, broad-network products that people don’t want,” Gruber said of insurance companies.

When confronted by Bartiromo with the fact that health care premiums are set to skyrocket an average of 25 percent nationwide in 2017 — even higher in states like Arizona, which is set to see an increase of 116 percent — Gruber contended the high increases are because states have been fighting the law.

Bartiromo fired back:

“It’s very hard to make the case that you’re making knowing what the reality is, and the reality is families cannot afford Obamacare,” Bartiromo replied. “And the reality is premiums for families across the country have skyrocketed, and even if you’re in a plan with your company like you say so many people are, companies are not hiring more workers because they are being forced to provide health care.”

It’s incredible to me that Gruber tried to blame the failures of ObamaCare on those who are opposed to the law. Does this guy think we’re stupid or something?

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  1. Tuffy says:

    The ultimate question is – If Obamacare is so good, why did the legislators design it so the congress, president, supreme court justices and some federal employees are exempt? Gruber along with those that felt “you have to pass it to know what is inside” are beyond the moronic level. I will bet that within that group there are a lot of buttercups.

  2. Bill-B says:

    Socialized Medicine, one pay system, communism, were only the wealthy, privileged few, can escape government over reach. Good luck folks. The GOP allowed a Democrat, to be their representative. Trump has voted Democrat all of his life, backed the Clinton’s in every political asperation they ever had. He swings away from the Democrat party,in public view, in 2008 and comes back into view again as a Conservitives. Sounds like Russia, Mexico, and every country in the world that is under a one party casting system. Is there any thinking people left out there. We just became a NWO, socialist country.

    1. SamBar says:

      Sorry Bill I don’t agree. Trump may have been a Democrat at one time but then so was I and it took a while for me to realize that the Dem party was doing nothing for the working population but raise their taxes. Trump has aligned himself with some of the most solid Republicans in the congress and senate and not the whinny NWO supporters and the RINO’s maybe with the exception of Paul Ryan. He is walking on ice without the proper shoes as we speak. I am confident that Trump will carry out most of his promises. He is already preparing to drain part of the swamp with the removal of the lobbyists. It takes time to overcome the structure that is in place in DC (crooked, lying, dealers in death, sellers of munitions to our enemies, and a myriad of other crimes.) to bring this to a short explanation I would say we have been led by the biggest group of thieves that the world has ever known.