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Fox Host Issued Challenge To Obama On Veterans Day – If He Cared About The Troops, He’d Listen Closely

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Fox news host Greta Van Susteren issued a Veterans Day challenge to President Obama – bring Marine Amir Hekmati home from Iran.

Hekmati, a U.S. veteran jailed and tortured in Iran for over three years, has been all but ignored by the Obama administration, even as they negotiated a nuclear deal with his captors.

Van Susteren has had enough.

“Bring our Marine home now,” she demanded.  “Make it happen.”

Watch Van Susteren’s fiery challenge below …

Via Fox News Insider:

Greta Van Susteren addressed President Obama in a special Veterans Day “Off the Record” commentary tonight.

Greta said that Amir Hekmati, a U.S. Marine veteran who has been held in an Iranian prison for 1,535 days, needs the president’s help.

She said that she hoped when Obama was discussing the Iranian nuclear agreement that Hekmati and other U.S. citizens jailed in the Islamic republic would be released or included in a prisoner swap as part of the deal.

“Well, I’m still waiting,” Greta said. “And worse, U.S. Marine Hekmati and his family are still waiting. So, Mr. President, make it happen. Bring our Marine home now.”

The Political Insider previously reported on family members who described in detail the tortures that Hekmati has endured in captivity.

Greta also took a shot at the President for other famous cases involving military members held in captivity.

On Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi she said he was returned home ‘finally, no thanks to President Obama.’  And regarding Bowe Bergdahl, she said that if the President can work out an exchange for a deserter, he can surely come up with something for Hekmati.

It’s your move Mr. President – It’s time to bring our Marine back home, now!

Comment: Issue your own demands for the President below in our comments section – Tell him to bring our Marine home from Iran now!