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Breaking: Fox Just Gave Donald Trump The Greatest News EVER!

BOULDER, CO - OCTOBER 28: Presidential candidate Donald Trump gives a thumbs up during the CNBC Republican Presidential Debate at University of Colorados Coors Events Center October 28, 2015 in Boulder, Colorado. Fourteen Republican presidential candidates are participating in the third set of Republican presidential debates. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

It appears that Donald J. Trump has just proved the pundits wrong who have repeatedly said he has no chance of beating Hillary Clinton in the General Election.

However, a new Fox News poll released Wednesday night shows the presumptive Republican nominee beating Hillary Clinton 45%-42%, which is a major reversal from an April poll which showed Clinton leading by 7 points.

From Politico:

Even so, neither Trump nor Clinton scored very high when voters were asked about certain personal characteristics.

Asked whether Trump is honest and trustworthy, 40 percent of registered voters surveyed said he is, while 57 percent said he is not. Asked the same of Clinton, 31 percent said she is and 66 percent said she is not.

As far as whether they think Trump has “strong moral values,” 37 percent said they thought the phrase encapsulated Trump, while 58 percent disagreed. For Clinton, 40 percent said she has strong moral values, while 57 percent said that would not be an apt description.

More than seven in 10 — 71 percent — said the phrase “will say anything to get elected” describes Clinton, while 65 percent said the same of Trump.

Clinton holds double-digit advantages among women (50 percent to 36 percent), African Americans (90 percent to 7 percent), Latinos (62 percent to 23 percent) and those under the age of 35 (46 percent to 35 percent).

Trump, meanwhile, has the upper hand among independent voters (46 percent to 30 percent), men (55 percent to 33 percent), white voters (55 percent to 31 percent), those without a college degree (45 percent to 40 percent), and varying majorities of voters 35 and older.

Democratic challenger Bernie Sanders, meanwhile, leads Trump 46 percent to 42 percent. Sanders led Trump by 14 points in the April poll — 53 percent to 39 percent.

The poll was conducted May 14-17 via landlines and cellphones, surveying a national sample of 1,021 registered voters with an overall margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

For months the GOP establishment has falsely asserted that Trump cannot win in November, but this new poll seems to silence many in the #NeverTrump movement.

Do you think Trump will be able to maintain his lead over Hillary up until November? Share your thoughts with us below! 

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Comments on “Breaking: Fox Just Gave Donald Trump The Greatest News EVER!”

  1. Marilyn says:

    Sanders still hanging in there.
    Amazing what promising “free stuff” will do.