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Fox News’ Red Eye Canceled – Relive the Comedy With Their 5 Best Moments!

Anyone whose ever wondered why there wasn’t a right-wing version of The Daily Show never heard of Red Eye. Tucked away at 3am, Red Eye would consistently outperform networks like MSNBC in prime time, and it wasn’t hard to see why.

Originally hosted by Greg Gutfeld when the show began in 2007, it was a uniquely quirky and hilariously satirical take on the news. Gutfeld left the show in 2015 to host The Greg Gutfeld show instead, with comedian Tom Shillue taking over in his place. The show was rarely boring, usually featuring a mix of comedians and political commentators as guests, always with one girl sitting at the end of the panel in the “leg chair.”

The final episode premiers this Friday, and as the show wraps up, here were some of the funniest moments over the years.

1. Andy Levy Apologizes to Chris Brown

Andy Levy, the host of the show’s “Halftime Report” segment, had got into a Twitter spat with R&B singer Chris Brown the night before. Levy took the opportunity to offer a joking apology to Brown after being lectured by him for his alleged incivility. For anyone unfamiliar with the singer, it was particularly ironic that he was giving lessons on civility, given that he had put his girlfriend in the hospital only years prior.

Levy’s “apology” is truly something else.

2. Red Eye Visits BronyCon

Apparently, there is a community of grown men interested in the children’s TV show “My Little Pony,” and it’s just as bizarre as you’d expect. There’s even an annual BronyCon conference in Maryland, and Red Eye’s Bill Schultz decided to pay a visit.

Hilarity ensures..

3. The Gavin McInnes Earpiece Incident

Gavin McInnes was in the middle of what appeared to be a controversial comment about Jews when things took a hilarious turn.

4. Mick Foley’s Mixup

WWE legend Mick Foley was a guest on Red Eye when political commentator Chris Barron was on. When Foley had googled the names of the guests beforehand for research, he confused Barron (the co-founder of GOProud) with the lead singer of the Spin Doctors (also named Chris Barron). The two don’t even look all that different.

At one point in the episode, Foley begins to reference what he thinks is one of Barron’s songs – only to receive complete confusion.

5. Singer Andrew W K is Questioned

This one speaks for itself.

Pretty hilarious, no?

After a decade on the air, it’s sad to see the show go. Let us know your favorite moments from the show if you were a fan!

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