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Fox’s Greta Van Susteren’s Apology Letter to France About Obama is GOING VIRAL!


President Barack Obama and his left-wing administration are facing heavy criticism today for not attending the Paris Unity rally this past weekend, inspired by the attacks on the newspaper Charlie Hebdo. More than 40 world leaders attended, and America’s absence was sorely felt.

Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren, who is a liberal, took to Facebook and apologized to the French people for Obama ignoring the important occasion. And her post is going viral!

My Personal Note to French Citizens:
Dear French Citizens,

This is a personal note from me but I suspect it represents the sentiments of many Americans.

I am sorry that our President didn’t go to France today and stand with your President and other world leaders against terrorism. It was an important statement to send to France, to the world and to terrorists and frankly he blew it. It was a big missed opportunity for my President and thus for all Americans. He should have gone. It was a mistake that he did not. Sometimes mistakes like that are made.

I stand with you and I think all Americans do stand with you. I had wanted the President to go to Paris today to represent how I feel and how most Americans feel after Paris was terrorized but that did not happen. President Obama didn’t just disappoint you — he disappointed many Americans today. Maybe there is a reason for his absence that I just don’t know but right now the White House has released no explanation.

Despite today’s absence, I know our President wants to stop world terrorism but his bad manners today – or maybe just dropping the ball – is not something we should harbor but rather drop and move on. It may be easier for you to drop than many Americans. As already noted, I am not happy with him tonight, but I will get over it. But, in the mean time, I do want the citizens of France to know we Americans stand with you and that we need each other to fight terrorism.

I also want everyone in France to know – and this is very important 0 that we have not forgotten that it was the French President who was the first national leader to show up at the White House after 9/11. You don’t forget things like that. (Nor have we forgotten LaFayette who fought for us in the Revolutionary War but that’s a bit farther back!)

I love your nation and have spent a lot of time there over the years – from college onward. Your citizens have been friendly to Americans and to me (although many have looked askance at me when I speak my very fractured French. You could be a tad bit nicer about my French.) Our nations have had their difference over the years but always I know fundamentally we are friends even when we might have some disagreements. We have the same goals and the same dreams.

So….I apologize for my President’s absence. Tonight I am mad at him but I will get over it and I hope you do, too. We have a bigger fight to fight than bad manners. We need to fight terrorism.

Greta Van Susteren


Do you support Greta Van Susteren for apologizing on behalf of out SHAMEFUL President Obama? Please leave us a comment and tell us what you think.



  1. 109507577877289829747 says:

    A lot of you on here are showing your hate instead of your common sense. A lot of you fail to remember history or just don’t know your history. How many countries came to the U.S. and marched with us after 9-11. How many of you remembering France going against us when Pres Bush Jr. was in office and we went to war in Iraq. Bush and the White House even changed the name of “French fries” to freedom fries. How many remember Libyan terrorist committing a terrorist attack against a German disco frequented by Americans. When we decided to strike back, France did not support us and would not allow our bombers to fly over their country. Which one of you are showing sympathy for the 2000 victims of the terrorist group in Nigeria. This happened the same week as the terrorist attack in France. They also strapped bombs to ten-yr olds and detonated. Which one of you have sympathy for them and are talking about it. Instead, you show your obvious hate for Obama. As if we never had problems before he came to office….as if the country wasn’t in free-fall towards economic meltdown. Folks screaming gas will be $6 dollars a gallon and the economy is going to collapse. Our country is doing better than most countries combined. Obama is even blamed for the rise of ISIS…..even though the group was originally formed as AQL during GW Bush time. I could go on but I know some of you will never agree with me. At the end of the day, we are all Americans and should stop with the negative and the hate. How can we focus on moving forward and come together as one nation if we keep trying to point fingers at all the negatives. If we stay divided, we just may fall. We need to stand United.

  2. Christine says:

    Right on, Greta! Great job!

    I’m still waiting for an apology from the POTUS. Such an important and historical event for him to be a “no show,” especially considering the terrorist attacks our nation has endured, not to mention the constant threats. Maybe the president didn’t see it as so important. After all, ISIS is nothing more than a “JV” team and al’qaeda is a bunch of washed up “has beens” who are so harmless, the president found it necessary to release several (documented) top ranking al’qaeda members for a deserter.

    The president should have stood along with the other world leaders to demonstrate that they are all in this fight against terrorism together. He’s seems to want to play it all down because it goes against his campaign promises. It reminds us all that terrorism is alive and well, and there is a real possibility that the US will need facilities to hold and interrogate these animals rather than to close them down.

    Thanks again, Greta. Someone had to say it.

  3. Steve says:

    Sorry Greta but the president DID NOT make a mistake, he was very deliberate in not attending just like he has been very deliberate in dividing America and breaking our laws!

  4. Jerolomo says:

    Greta is correct in letting France know that our fraud of a president does not represent the views of the majority of Americans. Where I question her comments is where she implies that obama made a ‘mistake’. He did what he did on purpose because he sympathizes with muslims and won’t even call them what they are – muslim terrorists.

  5. Paula says:

    i think the reason Mr Whats his face in the white house didn’t go to stand with France in solidarity against terrorism is probably because the terrorist are his home boys….

  6. Virginia says:

    I have many French friends and am ashamed of how our president ignored the call to stand united with France against the act of terrorism. But then this isn’t so shocking as he is lacking in so many ways a president should act. France I stand with you in UNITY as I am sure many Americans do. My prayers are with you and the families who lost loved ones. God Bless you all.

  7. Paul says:

    She will get over it? When and why?

  8. Paul says:

    “I stand with you and I think all Americans do stand with you.” <<< There is not any one thing that ALL Americans agree on. She should have said, "The vast majority" of Americans.

  9. Joyce says:

    How many of those same 40 leaders went to Nigeria to march for the 2000 or more individuals that were murdered by Boko Haram, or however that terrorist faction spells their name? Why is there no outrage for those deaths? Why is no one protesting for those innocent lives brutally and savagely lost?

    1. Juan Two Three says:

      Well, Joyce you wonder why?? I live in Nigeria and I can tell you a thing or two. Nigeria is against ANY Christian, practicing or not. I must say, I am ‘underground’ here just to save my life. Boko Haram is against ANY person(s) living in the country, whether a citizen or an aide workers from any western nations. They find out whom they are, whom their family members are, how much money or assets they have and kill/destroy the entire family. This is the way it works for Boko Haram. They are closely aligend with ISIS, Al Queda and the Taliban. They don’t care as long as they get the money and military hardware to slaughter our own people. Nigeria is not friendly or believe in western intervention whatsoever.
      Just yesterday, in my place of work, the Boko Haram came into my workplace, loaded with automatic weapons and grabbed a co-worker from The Netherland. She was od Dutch desent but has lived here in Nigeria for 22 plus years, working, not causing any probelms, a very quiet 31 year old woman. They made all of us go out on the street, they stripped her of all her lothes, hung her from a tree, beat the woman with wooden sticks then shot her in the torso, lgutted her the beheaded her. And why? Because she was from a western country and has family still living in The Netherlands. They ‘assumed’ she wa a believer of Christianity and western beliefs. They kept yelling ‘ traitor, traitor, traitor.’ All of the people in this village were demanded to watch this torture and killing, as a warning. And, the woman was 7 months pregnant….we assume her znigerian husband and his family are either already dead or they are on the hunt for all of them. This so-called western intervention is not helping the Nigerian people whatsoever. This country is eating their own, that is how bad it is….The Netherlands, Germany, Italt, France, Belgium the U.S. need to stay out of this nations business and the ways of the Muslim Boko Haram beliefs. The money that pours into this country for supposed ‘humanitarian’ reason is immediately confiscated by the Boko Haram and THEY use the money, food supplies, weaponary, whateve western nations are sending in. I can tell you of at least a dozen more horrendousd executions that I had been required to attend, killing of hundreds of Nigerian families.
      What about the recent school yrd killing in Pakistan? You don’t think this was terrible but the west continues to intervene into the Pakistan government. ALL aide should be immediately stopped to my country and any other country that harbors/protects terrorists/killers. Anywhere in Africa is not safe but your western nations continue to want to help them with money.

      I say, for the livelyhood of Africa, the entire continent, do not meddle in goverment activities, donot send money, aides, weapons, anything. You only confuse the people, as myself, as to why you continue to supply assets to kill the local village citizens.

  10. Bunnie says:

    I totally agree with Mrs. Van Susteren regarding our President’s very bad manners! However, I do not agree that President Obama wants to stop world terror, in fact I believe he is behind a lot of it, by sending the Arab countries support and arms and releasing terrorists from prison so they can continue terrorizing non-muslims (who they consider infidels). Unfortunately, we no longer have a president that represents the sentiments of the majority of this country. The man needs to be impeached, but no one seems to have the guts to do it!

  11. GOTME188 says:

    Thank you Greta….. I too am mad at him… I am also embarrassed to call him our leader because he shows everyday that he is not a leader. His severe lack of perception of what is reality is astonishing. I am not a Democrat … I am not a Republican either….. I am an American… and OBama makes me feel disgusted to be an American. Americans alwaysdid try to treat others with respect and understanding… but I guess the OBama generation doesnt think that’s important any more….. Thanks again Greta… we need more Americans like you!

  12. Herb says:

    thank you Gretta for expressing the nations feelings in regard to a president who does not have any idea what it means to be a REAL PRESIDENT of this great nation. He is a lost puppy and way over his head!

  13. John says:

    “I know our President wants to stop world terrorism” ….. No Greta, you may hope that,.. but you do not know that.

  14. AmericanBelle says:

    I agree wholeheartedly and think Congress should do likewise. I don’t think Americans should be held accountable for the irresponsible actions of this corrupt administration; especially those of us who didn’t vote for any of these liberal crapshooters in any of the elections.

  15. ExSeaBee67 says:

    I have never been a very politically orientated person but I must say that this President has caused me more concern than ANY other in the past. I find it shameful that Mr. Obama failed to stand in unity with the rest of the world in France and that Ms.Van Susteren had to appologise for the slight.