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Franklin Graham Has A Huge Warning For Christians About the Liberal Media!

Franklin Graham

Rev. Franklin Graham is no stranger to speaking his mind and giving Christians across America a word from God. He wants those who call themselves Christians to be more aware of the evil that surrounds them on an everyday basis and that includes the mainstream media.

Graham sent out a message this week on how the media spins stories against the candidates they hate and dislike while giving favor to the ones they like and that isn’t their job. He also prays that the media’s bias does not deceive Christians.

The media continues to cover-up for one of the most corrupt politicians ever to run for office, and we need to become that stopgap to end her

From CNS News:

Commenting on the “incredible” media bias this election year, evangelical Pastor Franklin Graham said the “corruption” in both political parties is “unbelieveable” and the media, “along with many politicians from both parties, doesn’t want any of this to change.”

“Isn’t the media bias incredible — especially relating to political candidates?” said Rev. Graham in anOct. 24 post on Facebook. “Geraldo Rivera said last night that it’s like nothing he’s ever seen.”

They spin story after story against the candidates they don’t like and in favor of the candidates they support,” he said. “I hope and pray that Christians are not deceived by the media’s bias, but will give prayerful consideration as they go to the polls and vote.”

“Our political system in this country is broken,” said Rev. Graham. “The corruption is in both parties and is unbelievable. The media, along with many politicians from both parties, doesn’t want any of this to change.”

“As I went to all 50 states this year and stood on the capitol steps with Christians from every state, we prayed and confessed our sins to God,” he said. “We asked His forgiveness and asked Him to heal this land. My prayer is that you will continue to pray, and that you will vote.”

The Dems and Republicans spend billions on protracted two-year election cycles with money from special interests and donors for their elections spent on negative campaign ads to put these politicians in power.

These politicians then give lucrative government contracts to their donors, the donors than pay the politicians to get re-elected so they can spend the money on news media and their campaign.

News media and centrist politicians hate Trump because he devised a way to spend 100’s of millions less that would have directly gone into their pockets.

Do you agree with Rev. Graham’s take on the mainstream media and their bias? Share your feelings below in the comment section and give us our views.

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Comments on “Franklin Graham Has A Huge Warning For Christians About the Liberal Media!”

  1. John says:

    Graham is right on and everyone knows it. Only one thing could be wrong. Democrats are far superior to Republicans in the amount of seriously breaking the existing laws of the land. These liberals of today think and really believe, that “if the right guy wins, it’s Ok to do whatever it takes”! Can you believe that. Well, it’s true. How we can fix it is a long way off. All U. S. morals have taken a beating in the last 10 years or more.! Getting back to a faith based, Christian attitude is the aim but difficult to regain. It takes all of us to stop the “War on Catholic/Christians” that stated with Obama and has continued unabated for under him for several years now! We have to win!