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Freddie Gray Prosecutor Just Lost Her 4th Case in a Row; What Came Next Was Expected!

Marilyn Mosby

The fact that Freddie Gray’s parents have already been awarded millions before anyone was tried in the case is more than shocking to the common sense thinking man. He was a known drug dealer who had a long rap sheet and was known to cause self-harm on a previous arrest.

Baltimore Attorney General Marilyn Mosby’s political grandstanding and pandering is blowing up in her face. If she couldn’t get a conviction for Caesar Goodson, she won’t get one for any of them. Their case against him was easily the strongest of the group, and that’s not saying much. She screwed up and cost everyone a lot of money!

She was trying to make a name for herself and jumped the gun and now she may lose her job!

From Washington Times:

Legal analysts ripped Baltimore prosecutors Monday over their handling of the Freddie Gray case, saying the prosecution should drop all charges against the three remaining police officers or risk more embarrassment in the courtroom.

What’s more, John Banzhaf, an activist law professor at George Washington University, said he would file a complaint Tuesday with the Maryland Attorney Grievance Commission calling for the disbarment of the lead prosecutors in the trials of the six police officers accused of wrongdoing in the 2015 arrest and death of the 25-year-old black man.

The pointed criticism came Monday after Lt. Brian Rice was acquitted of all charges for his role in Gray’s arrest and death. The lieutenant was the highest-ranking of the accused officers, and his full acquittal was the third consecutive loss for prosecutors. Another trial ended in a hung jury in December, and a retrial has been scheduled.

“It’s quite clear that the prosecution should not continue on,” said Barry Slotnick, a prominent defense lawyer who has followed the trials in the Gray case. “The prosecution in the next three cases should strongly make a suggestion in court — on the record — that these cases have not been proven and will not be proven and therefore they should be dismissed.”

She should be fired because her cases have no merit. She overcharged in hopes they would plea. This has been nothing more than a BLM publicity trial. And her inflammatory comments should get her sued for slander or defamation.

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Her next job should be one that starts with this phrase, “Welcome to McDonald’s…is this for here or to go?” No offense to those that work for this corporation…

Do you think Mosby should be fired? Do you think she’s overstepped the powers in her office? Share your voices below in the comment section.

H/T: Washington Times