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BUSTED: Freddie Gray Judge Just Uncovered Major Cover-Up!

Freddie Gray

Looks like Attorney General Marilyn Mosby has egg on her face once again. Remember her “guilty as hell” speech right after the incident; she wants a guilty verdict so bad she can taste it. I do not trust all police personnel, as there is not doubt that some are not up to the job. But they all look good compared to Mosby.

What has happened to all of the government dollars spent there to alleviate poverty? The Judge has every right to throw this case out and the others after what the prosecution just pulled!

Freddie Gray

From Good Morning America:

Judge Barry Williams was visibly angry in the Baltimore court, but he did not dismiss the charges against police officer Caesar Goodson, as his attorneys had requested. Williams is giving prosecutors until Monday to disclose any other relevant evidence they have withheld. Goodson was the driver of the van during the arrest of Gray, 25, last year.

Goodson’s attorneys have argued that prosecutors withheld statements made last year by Donta Allen, a key witness. Allen was picked up by the Baltimore police van after Gray.

In his original statement to police in April last year, Allen said he heard banging coming from Gray’s side of the vehicle. He gave a similar statement in a separate interview with prosecutors a month later, but the state never turned it over as evidence to defense attorneys. Williams found today that prosecutors committed a Brady violation — after Brady v. Maryland, a 1963 Supreme Court decision requiring prosecutors to disclose evidence that would aid the defense — because Allen’s May 2015 statement was deemed exculpatory evidence.

“The state doesn’t get to decide whether or not to disclose information,” defense attorney Andrew Graham said. “The state sat on it for over a year. It’s not up to them to make that decision. Even a small piece of evidence may make a difference. It’s not fair to the defense.”

He explained that had Allen’s lawyer, who was present during the second interview, not stepped forward, the defense would not have known about it. According to Graham, Allen’s lawyer didn’t come forward sooner because he felt his first obligation was to maintain his client’s confidentiality.

Chief Deputy State’s Attorney Michael Schatzow tried explaining to the judge that the prosecution didn’t think the second interview with Allen was important, calling it a “waste of time.” Schatzow said his team didn’t take notes during that meeting.

Williams has given Schatzow until Monday to turn over any other evidence the state might be withholding from the defense not only as it relates to this case but also in the next four trials.

This pathetic piece of filth that calls herself the State Prosecutor brought charges to placate a violent mob, who already devastated the city, with the encouragement of the mayor. She also postured to the media to advance her pathetic career. All the while knowing that it would be at the cost of the future and freedom of Baltimore police officers who were only doing their jobs.

It brings back memories of a corrupt DA in Durham, NC who tried to placate a mob and advance his career at the expense of the Duke lacrosse team. He was disbarred and found guilty of misconduct. He withheld material evidence too. Mosby didn’t even have the guts to try the cases herself. These officers need to file a class action against her and the pathetic mayor. Let’s see if the city is as quick to pay off as they did to Gray’s family who, if asked, would they rather have Freddie back or the $6+ million settlement would throw Freddie to the wolves.

What to you think of this debacle that’s called a trial? Will the case finally end up getting tossed? Share your comments below and alert your Facebook and Twitter timeline, here we go again. Baltimore justice is no justice at all.