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Freedom of Speech Under Attack – Air Force Officer Tries to Silence Military Families Because of This


Last weekend, the FBI raised the terror alert level at MacDill Air Force Base, and all military bases across the nation, in response to threats from ISIS. It was the highest level of security since the tenth anniversary of September 11.

The alert came after an FBI warning that there are hundreds of known, active ISIS supporters in the United States, however no specific threat has been announced.

“The so-called ‘lone wolf’ could strike at any moment,” said Jeh Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Security.

That statement alone would have been suffice and accepted but it seems Washington officials have reviewed what happened in Texas during the “Draw Muhammad” cartoon event and they want to caution soldiers to not taunt ISIS here in the United States.

“The 440,000 veterans that live in the area have heard through one way or another from the commanders at MacDill to pay attention, keep a low profile, don’t be so pompous about being in the military, because those guy are looking for possible targets,” said Col. EJ Otero, a former officer in the U.S. Air Force.

Watch this expert suggest to our military to temper their speech about ISIS:

So wait, am I mistaken or is this “expert” telling us to be afraid to use our freedom of speech and speak out on the atrocities of ISIS and what they stand for.

No American should ever feel their voice is drowned out by fear of others.

The media has rocked the foundation of free speech lately, ripping into Pamela Geller with the idea you can say anything you want, just don’t provoke the other side. Now so-called experts want to impose the same limitations on our soldiers. We have to stop the “dumbing down of America” so its citizens will know what they will face and meet it head on. We must destroy the enemy, not lay down for it.

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  1. KCRocks says:

    Linda. You democrats make me sick. I don’t want to pay for poor retired and unemployed people who don’t work and try hard in school. I don’t want to pay your bills.

    And really. RePUKEicans. Sweetie, that’s pathetic.

  2. Jeff says:

    During the Vietnam Era, we were told the same Barbra Streisand for the Barry’s commie sympathizers! I didn’t do what these limp wristed appeasers said then & real Americans won’t do it now!

  3. Karen says:

    I state with vehemence – NO ONE, not in our military, not our government – NO ONE, is going to tell me what I can do, what I can or can’t say or that I must temper my hatred, disgust and desire for the obliteration of all radical muslim terrorists – I would far prefer to see our military leaders press into action and wipe out the entire bunch of those scum who worship a pedophile, sick and perverted creep called mohammad. (lower case intentional – none deserve capitalization). I may not now be in their path of destruction, but if I were it would give me great pleasure to stand and kill. I am sickened by our weak, lame, PC approach to all things islam. We pretend that our actions are misguided but I suggest that they are intentional, and a means of bringing more power and numbers of muslims into America. obama is a traitor.

  4. Bill-B says:

    Obama has invited ISIS into this country. He is responsible for any attacks in this country.

    1. Linda says:

      A BUSH IS(is) a Bush IS(is) a Bush. NO more BUSH’s in the White House.

      1. Drew says:

        Linda. You would actually appear wiser if you made no comments whatsoever. But it is funny to watch someone like you forcibly try to be as stupid as humanly possible.

    2. Bobby says:

      Yes, absolutely the blood is on His hands!!

  5. Adrian says:

    Who put the bite on him?

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  6. Sharon says:

    This is Obama’s goal. To turn us into cowards when the enemy bares its’ teeth. He still has no clue to the ‘American Spirit’, what it is, or how to stop it. I’ve got news for him~it’s unstoppable, as long as we don’t back up from our stance on what we believe.

    1. Karen says:

      spirit? where/when? We have as a nation been sitting on fast, lazy butts for years, abdicating our responsibilities and turning our fate over to lame self-serving crooked politicians purely interested in keeping their cushy jobs. I hear lots of whining, complaining, condemnations, threats – followed by years of inaction. Meanwhile, the govt. grows ever bigger, more corrupt, more powerful and less likely to adhere to any US laws. ENOUGH WHINING, ENOUGH WISHFUL THINKING – THE JOB IS NOW A DIRTY ONE, AN UGLY ONE, A DANGEROUS ONE, BUT NO ONE IS GOING TO MAKE IT ALL GO AWAY, NO ELECTION, NO CANDIDATE – IT IS UP TO WE THE PEOPLE – N O W !!

  7. Larry says:

    The Military also Will Not allow it’s members to bring their personal weapons on Base. This means that they are UNABLE TO PROTECT THEMSELVES while going to, and from, the base. Disgusting that the Military will not protect their members.

    1. Linda says:

      Larry, YOU seem to have the fact’s WRONG. Military personnel who live off post / base store their POW’s (Privately Owned Weapon’s) at their residential address. All military personnel who live in Barracks, Quarter’s, BEQ’s (Batchelor Enlisted Quarter’s) and equivalents, may store their POW’s in their Company Headquarters with Commander approval; all are subject to POST, BASE and equivalent approval of and by, specific SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) and equivalent(s).

      Overseas: Military personnel are subject to the order (s) of the Provost Marshall and or equivalent. And, specific area of duty and requirements by SOP.

    2. Drew says:

      Larry. When I was stationed at Columbus AFB MS. I had to store my weapons in the armory on base when I lived in the dorms. When I moved to base housing(on base),I was able to store my weapons in the house. Have things changed that drastically since I left the military in 1997?

  8. Shirley says:

    CHeck out our unsecured borders. All courtesy of the Obumo ADM. Illegals, diseased, thugs, drug crime families, terrorists, criminals all welcomed by the do not bother to stop them DHS. Thousands of convicted illegal criminals… murders, rapists, robbers, etc … what ever were released by the Obumo ADM. Any crimes committed by Obumo’s new best friends cannot be arrested because Obumo ADM does not want them to have a criminal record. So Obumo ADM cancels a concert in case of an ISIS attack but send buses, planes, places for them to live, food stamps, what ever to make sure HIS terrorists are comfortable while they plan their attacks.

    1. Linda says:

      Shirley, surely you CANNOT be serious? Please tell me you are NOT one of THOSE TEXAS “Cling-On’s”? Or a Scientologist? Or a “Kool-aid” chugging RePUKElickin?

      MISSY…you have missed the boat to “enlightenment” and bound for the freight of doom should you continue on this (your) path of…the GOP and their Teabagger’s who are nothing more than TWISTED, GREEDY little SADIST FEAR MONGERS who HATE women and children and everything that goes against their, “Male” so-called dominance of the FEMALE GENDER and their bodies.

      1. Drew says:

        Linda. It is a shame weak minded people like you, allow easy access cheap information from television to program your thinking. The media is owned by the federal government that wants to divide the country and create a race war. It is all a smoke and mirrors game. All presidents lie and don’t have your best interest in mind. It takes a bit of time to distinguish reliable information you can find on the internet. Reading what is said and seeing if it comes to past or not. Or if it is double talk or just bold faced lies. My best source of information so far is WND,Newsmax and Tea Party. What Shirley told you is factual. We no longer have a protected southern boarder. This fact is well known and cannot be hidden. Illegals are getting EBT cards and free health care at our expense to help destroy our economy. If we lose our economy it becomes a governments country over the people’s,and we lose our freedom. It takes common sense to read between the lies. Something you don’t have.

      2. Juan Two Three says:

        Drew: That Linda chick is obviously a GD LibTurd! She the kind of person that puts our military personnel at greater risk and dangers!

      3. KCRocks says:

        Did you just say “RePukelickin”..?

        Okay, you have to work on your insults. And read American Sniper. And get a life because you are wrong!