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Confrontation With Cop On Side Of Highway Had CHILLING Results!

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This video of a police officer shooting a knife-wielding man is going viral, and I can see why.

Officer Joshua Hilling of the Glendale, Ohio police department pulled over to stop a man walking on the side of a highway.

What Hilling could not know at the time is that the man he was arresting was Javier Aleman, who was wanted for a Baltimore homicide and that this would not be a typical stop.

He tells Aleman that he is going to “pat you down for officer safety” and that’s when things take a sudden turn, with Aleman pulling a knife and attacking. The officer is being praised for his incredible restraint.

Watch the full video here:

As you saw in the video, Hilling quickly drew his gun and fired while retreating, striking Aleman in the stomach. The wound gives the officer time to call for backup as he backs up onto the highway and the suspect is down. Just seconds later the suspect gets up again and begins moving towards Hilling, continuing even as other officers arrive.

Throughout the tense standoff, police can be heard screaming for him to “put the knife down. Please, sir, let us help you.”

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In contrast, Aleman told the police to “just shoot me” more than 40 times during the encounter.  Praise for Officer Hilling has been vocal for showing incredible restraint in a volatile, life and death situation.

“He showed remarkable restraint in the confrontation of an individual who was apparently armed,” Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said. Hilling will not face charges.

As for the knife, Deters said, “There’s a high probability (it) was the murder weapon used against his roommate in Baltimore.”

Check out the video report here:

H/T – WCPO, Cincinnati.com, Heavy.com

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