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What Michael Jackson’s Daughter Did To Honor Him Will SHOCK YOU!


I can’t believe the day I heard about Michael Jackson’s death… I was driving home, and ALL of the radio stations were playing a song from the Jackson collection.

I was very uneasy because usually when this happens, and it doesn’t happen regularly, it meant someone had died. I called my wife, and she confirmed it… He died of a drug overdose.

My wife quickly became a huge MJ fan after several songs like “Earth Song” and “You are Not Alone” came out.

She even bought several collectibles of his as a reminder of his great spirit and love for everyone and everything.

Now we fast forward to Jackson’s daughter Paris who just turned 18 and what does she do? She decides to get a tattoo to honor one of the greatest musical talents this world has ever produced.


From Entertainment Tonight:

Paris Jackson rang in her 18th birthday with some fresh ink, dedicated to her famous father, Michael Jackson.

Paris, who celebrated the milestone birthday on Sunday, took to Instagram on Tuesday to show off her new tattoo, consisting of the words “Queen of my heart” in her dad’s handwriting, inked down the side of her left wrist.

“To everyone else he was the King of Pop. To me, well, he was the king of my heart,” Paris captioned the sweet, black-and-white snapshot.
Paris, who was 11 when her father died of a propofol overdose at age 50 in June 2009, has previously mentioned wanting to get a tattoo to honor her father.

Back in 2012, Paris — then 14 years old — wrote in a tweet that has since been deleted, “I kinda want to get August XXIX tatted on my back,” in reference to Michael’s birthday on Aug. 29, 1958.

Here’s the video report:

Paris he still is alive because he lives through you and your brothers. You all represent your father because you all are his living legacy. Make him proud and always remember everything he taught you.

She is so cute all grown up now, and I am sure Michael would be smiling.

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