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Exposed! The GOP Plan To Cheat Trump Out Of The Nomination!

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Doesn’t it seem as if the closer Donald Trump gets to the finish line, and the American voters are forming a line behind him against the political establishment, the elite know-it-all politicians want to move the goal posts to snatch away his victory?

If this one-hundred day campaign against Trump isn’t proof enough for people to realize the thieving career politicians, both R and D. are frightened beyond belief they will be exposed for exactly what they are. I don’t know what is.

Lobbyist, Corporate CEO’s and people like George Soros are the puppet masters behind the scenes pulling the politicians’ strings making every one of them millionaires while we fight to keep our jobs from going overseas.

If these GOP leaders screw with Trump and don’t give him the nomination, after the many millions of voters took time to attend caucuses, travel to voting booths, put up with the long lines to choose the billionaire, blue-collar businessman, they will not have a Republican Party to run in future elections.

They are supposed to be working for the voters, and if they don’t, maybe the voters should start a new party with representatives who will work for the voters. These politicians in both parties are so afraid Trump will put a stop to the gravy train they have been riding at the taxpayers expense that they will try anything to discredit him or maybe buy delegate votes for Gov. John Kasich. It would cost a lot, but they will lose more if Trump gets elected. Maybe it’s time for a big change.

The latest attacks on Mr. Trump by BOTH the heads of the Democratic Party AND the heads of the Republican Party has demonstrated to the American people just how phony and corrupt both these parties are. They are making a very grave mistake of not respecting and honoring the will of the citizens.

Time has come for all those who love this country and are fed up with politics, as usual, to abandon their party and back Trump. He cannot be any worse than what we have suffered through for years.

This is the last chance to get America back on track again.

Share with us in our comment section (below) how you feel about the political establishment trying to make it harder for Trump to win the GOP nomination. Do you feel they are justified or breaking the rules? Will you stand for it? Give us your take and don’t forget to share this on your social media timelines.

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