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Wow! This THUG Wanted To Learn A Lesson The Hard Way!

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My job as a student was to listen to the teacher when I entered into their classroom so I could get a better education for a secure future. My parents made it very clear before I left home in the morning and it was the last thing that I heard every night before going to bed. I knew I couldn’t act up in class, or I would have faced severe discipline when I got home.

Kids today do not have any respect for those in a leadership position.

A friend of mine sent me this video (below) and asked me what I thought it and after watching it, I was enraged at the sight of this student not only standing up face-to-face to the teacher, not only using vulgar language in front of his classmates, but touching his teacher physically to hurt him.

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In my day, this rarely ever happened, if at all. As a parent, I teach my kids the same thing I was taught when growing up, so I don’t expect to see this from my children, but it pains me to see it from other kids. I have no patience and no sympathy for these students if they get locked up and put it into the system for these acts of aggression against their educators.

Sadly it’s not new as we’ve been watching it ramp up for the last decade.

From BroBible.com:

Thanks to smartphones and social media we’re able to see outrageous things that in years past would’ve probably never even made it onto the local news because they were swept under the rug to avoid scandal, this is one of those things. A middle schooler taking swings on his teacher, then trying to take down his teacher in front of a classroom full of panicking students. After acting hard the student learns very quickly that he’s nothing more than a child, and is subdued by the teacher who was forced to defend himself:

Sadly, it is likely the teacher will be held responsible for defending himself against the student and somehow put on some suspension, and that’s one thing I don’t agree with.

If these students are mature enough to start trouble they’re grown-up enough to spend time in jail with murderers, killers, and rapists who also do not have any respect for people in positions of leadership.

My children can tell you I take education very seriously and I don’t give any student the benefit of the doubt when it comes to laying hands on an administrator.

Now watch this:

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Comments on “Wow! This THUG Wanted To Learn A Lesson The Hard Way!”

  1. SniperzRule1 says:

    1) Change dress code to; NO HOODIES in Classroom.
    2) ANY person who ‘assaults’ a Staff Member, is ‘Permanently BARRED’ from Campus for LIFE.
    3) ANY person who ‘assaults’ a Staff Member, is going to get an ‘ASS WHUUPING’ like a MAN.