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When This Student Stood Up For Trump, Guess What Happened!

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Everyone wants to blame Donald Trump and his supporters for violent acts as if his campaign creates these monsters and then sends them out to wreak havoc all over the United States but that’s our media creating a false narrative once again.

According to the Gateway Pundit, this teenager was attacked for wearing a Donald Trump t-shirt. He posted the results of the attack via his social media account. He also blamed Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters for roughing him up.

I am completely disgusted with the violent, hatred exhibited by Trump supporters like this Emanuel… throwing your face and teeth right into some anti-Trump individual’s innocent fist.

I blame the media and the GOP elites for fostering and condoning anti-Trump hatred. Now people are getting beaten up as a result.

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Here are hateful responses from not only liberals but Ted Cruz supporters who called the young man a liar via Twitter:


Here’s the irony of their lack of understanding… they don’t even understand the reality of the words they throw around. They throw insults at Trump supporters, like fascist, intolerant, etc., yet, they don’t realize that they are doing exactly that which they accuse Trump supporters as being.

They approve of violence against another, simply because they don’t like what the person is wearing! They are the perfect epitome of the very thing that they accuse Trump and his supporters as being. It also appears obvious to me that they don’t know history and how they are acting out in just the same way as fascists did under Hitler.

What are your feelings about this incident and where does it end? Share your comments (below) and alert your friends to this hyenas act by these cowards.

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