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Palestinian ‘World’s Best Teacher’ Has A Dark Secret!


Anyone who believes that the Palestinians have the moral high ground in the Arab-Israeli conflict must think that up is down and black is white.

The idiots that compose the United Nations recently voted Israel as the world’s top human rights violator.

Not ISIS. Not the Assad regime. Not North Korea. Not Iran, Afghanistan, or Somalia for their horrid treatment of women. No country home to the estimated tens of millions still living in slavery. Israel.

If you think there may be some bias behind the absurdity you’d be right. The UN’s Human Rights Council has condemned Israel – a country just slightly larger than New Jersey – more than all other countries combined.

In yet another attempt for the elites to glorify the Palestinians, Palestinian teacher Hanan al-Hroub was awarded the Global Teacher Prize this month, which designates one as the “world’s best teacher” for the year. It carries $1 million in prize money, and her award was commemorated with a personal message from Pope Francis.

Oh, and she has a bit of a secret…

A Palestinian teacher who won a $1 million prize for teaching nonviolence will keep her award even though her husband participated in a terror attack that killed six Israelis.

Hanan al-Hroub received the UK-based Varkey Foundation’s Global Teacher Prize at a ceremony in Dubai earlier this month for a curriculum she called “No to Violence.”

Her husband, Omar, served 10 years in an Israeli prison after being convicted as an accomplice in a deadly 1980 bombing attack in Hebron in which the victims were walking home from Friday night Sabbath prayers, The Associated Press reported. Omar al-Hroub was a chemist who provided chemicals needed for making the bombs, the AP reported.

“The judging process examines the qualities and achievements of the candidates themselves only,” the Varkey Foundation said in a statement, according to the AP.

An article in the Qatari newspaper al-Araby al-Jadid called Omar al-Hroub a “freedom fighter … who took part in one of the most daring guerrilla operations in the occupied territories.”

The Al-Hroubs declined the AP’s request for comment.

Qadura Faris, the director of a Palestinian prisoners’ association, told the AP that Omar Al-Hroub accepted the 1993 Oslo Accords, served as a deputy Cabinet minister in the Palestinian Authority and supports a two-state solution with Israel.

He said Omar Al-Hroub remains a senior Palestinian official who is close to President Mahmoud Abbas and “believes in his peaceful approach.”

In a world where liberals have made race such a central issue, why are they so tolerant of anti-Semitism?

H/T: Times of Israel

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