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Frightening! Woman Hides From Home Intruder on Roof, and He Follows Her!

home intruder 2

When a man broke into her home, Venice Beach resident Melora Rivera had no choice but to flee to her roof to escape the intruder. Armed with nothing but a cell phone and wearing only a flannel shirt, she hid behind a window ledge and called 911.

The man followed her onto the roof and peered over the roofline, making for a scene straight out of a nightmare or horror movie.

Photos of the incident went viral on social media:

Police arrived on the scene to help Rivera off the roof and arrest the intruder.

I bet if she would have had a gun, the intruder would have been gone in a heartbeat.

H/T: LA Times



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  2. Edward says:

    Next time have a gun stupid!