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Hilarious! The Funniest, Most Embarrassing Job Interview Answers!

When you’re at your next job interview, while having a sense of humor will work to your advantage, you don’t want to be unintentionally funny. A number of Reddit users were asked the worst mistake they made during a job interview – and the answers are nothing short of hilarious.

  1. Interviewer asked about a time I had to make a compromise and, not drawing on any past experiences beyond an hour ago, I cited the time I had to give the last blue Jolly Rancher to my girlfriend even though it’s my favorite flavor. Still got the job but wow.
  1. Interviewed at a bank. Was going perfectly despite how nervous I was, and I was probably in with a great chance. Then as a final question, the panel asked me “why should we hire you?”, I blurt out: “Because I probably won’t rob you of all your money!”
  1. Showed up in person to a phone interview.
  1. Asked about my hobbies talked about sewing and reading. Guy pushed a little more, asked if there was anything else. I was confused why he would push at this question and said no. I was interviewing at a video store, the correct answer is ‘watching movies’. I will never let myself live that one down.
  1. I had had several jobs before my first actual interview but my first interview was for a job selling hot dogs. I was asked what my biggest weaknesses were and stupid teenage me listed actual weaknesses like being lazy and not really caring about anything. I wasn’t very smart back then.
  1. Interviewer: “Are you a smoker?

Me: “Cigarettes?”

  1. Not my first interview, but this one always stands out to me.

I was in the Army at the time, and was looking to get a part time job after work to help out with the bills. Little Caesar’s was doing open interviews so right after work I rush over for the interview. The hiring manager is looking at my resume. Before joining the Army I was a manager at Dominos.

So resume shows that I was a manager at Dominos, and then a month later I join the Army. He looks up at me wearing my uniform since I just came from work and asks why I left Dominos. I answered because it was time to get a real job.

I didn’t get the job…

  1. Interviewer: “Should we hire you?”

Me: “I mean, that’s really up to you guys, obviously I want the job, but that’s not my decision…”

Fortunately I’d been doing pretty well up until then so she just laughed and gave me a second chance to answer it properly.

  1. Was sexist by accident. I was interviewed by two female engineers, who didn’t really introduce themselves beyond their name, so partway through the interview I asked them if they’re the HR reps.
  1. My first interview was a disaster!

Interviewer says: “I see you’ve put down that you can speak German on your CV, can you say something to me?”

I reply: “Oh, I can’t actually speak German, I just put that on there.”

Interviewer asks: “Tell me about a time you had to work under pressure.”

I say: “This one time I had an assignment for uni that was 50% of my grade, and I should have spent the last three months on it. I couldn’t be bothered and spent most of that time out drinking and did the whole thing in 3 hours the morning it was due.”

Interviewer asks: “Why do you want this job?”

I say: “If I’m honest, its just because I’m broke and I need money.”

By some miracle I got the job though, so I guess I was the only guy to show up or something.

  1. Interviewer: “So why do you want this job?”

Me: “You took my resume…”

Interviewer: …

Me: …

  1. The interview itself went fine. I was nervous, but I was also well-qualified, and I was offered the position on the spot. After the interview, I rear-ended my new boss as I was following him to my new worksite.
  1. Phone sales job. They asked me if I thought it would be easier or more difficult to sell over the phone than in person. My answer was that phone would be easier. Judging by their facial expressions that was the wrong answer.

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