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Funny! Here Are 13 Famous Movie Plots In Reverse

Back in 2006, a post on the forum SomethingAwful┬áre-imagined what the plots of the writer’s favorite movies would be if watched in reverse. One such example from his post reversed the plot of Star Wars as: “A rather large moon-sized spaceship suddenly appears in the vast depths of space and, to prevent it from disappearing again, a nice young man called Luke extracts a bomb from its central chambers. The space station re-assembles a disintegrated planet, saving its occupants, and slowly begins to dismantle itself as a group of rebels become more and more disorganized. The young man goes home to his farm.” You get the idea.

Recently, a writer for Tickld put together his own list of thirteen famous movie plots in reverse, improving upon the old joke. Some of these are pretty funny!


Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!