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Funny! 20 Harmless Lies Parents Have Told Their Children

Every parent has a few harmless lies they tell their children.

I, for one, was told in my early years that ice cream trucks only play music when they’re out of ice cream. I caught on to that lie pretty quickly.

Here are twenty other lies that parents have told their children, as told by users of Reddit.


H/T: Tickld

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Comments on “Funny! 20 Harmless Lies Parents Have Told Their Children”

  1. Jim says:

    When my daughter was 14, she had a VERY gullible boyfriend. We were driving past a wind farm one day when he asked me what all the wind turbines were. I told him there are two answers to his question. The first – and the untrue – story was the one the government wants people to believe – that they are generating electricity like a windmill pumps water from the ground. The second – which was the true reason – was that the earth’s rotation was slowing down, and if it slowed too much, life as we know it would cease to exist. So the government put all those propeller-driven machines in place and all were connected to a massive computer network. When the earths rotation started to slow, the propellers would start up and speed up the rotation. They were much like an airplane propeller and made the earth spin faster so we could all go on living. The dweeb was 16 years old and he bought it. He still believed it when he was 18 (the last time I saw him).