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Gallup CEO Offers Proof Obama Is Lying about Jobs

Ever wonder why the official unemployment rate has been dropping under the Obama presidency, knowing full-well that less people are actively working today than when he first took office?

Have that one liberal friend who likes to toss the latest unemployment rate in your face as proof that Obamanomics work, and you’re just not quite sure how to counter the argument?

Well now you can, thanks to Gallup CEO and Chairman Jim Clifton.

Clifton explains that the 5.6% unemployment rate is simply – The Big Lie.

In a column earlier this week, Clifton explained why the Obama administration’s unemployment number is “extremely misleading.”

In that column, little smoke and mirror tactics are revealed which will artificially deflate the unemployment rate faster than a Tom Brady football.

Tricks such as not counting people who have actually given up looking for work all together as unemployed, or actually counting people that may have mowed a lawn for one hour during a given month as being employed.

Clifton recently went on Fox News and doubled down on his comments, explaining that the recession had cost America 13 million jobs while only 3 million have been created by President Obama’s policies.

That’s 10 million fewer people working since the recession.  And yet, the unemployment rate has fallen from nearly 10% to 5.6%.

Watch Clifton explain reality to fans of Obama’s economic policies…


“The number of full-time jobs, and that’s what everybody wants, as a percent of the total population, is the lowest it’s ever been… The other thing that is very misleading about that number is the more people that drop out, the better the number gets. In the recession we lost 13 million jobs. Only 3 million have come back. You don’t see that in that number. “

Meanwhile, the real unemployment rate is, and has been consistently above 10% under President Obama.

What’s your take on the administration’s “big lie?”




  1. Julian says:

    Proof? Facts? The truth? Obama and the Democrat Party’s MASS LAP DOG MEDIA does not report this. LAP DOGS report whatever Obama and DEMOCRAT PARTY WRITES on press releases.

  2. Cin says:

    The BIG LIE is with EMPLOYERS. This particular unemployment rate (U6 rather than the official U3) includes “marginal” workers, many of whom are working part time, but would rather work full time. Check out the hours of retail, such as fast food and cashiers at places like gas stations or even places like GEICO and you will find many employees would prefer to work full time. The BIG LIE is that employers for decades have kept hours low in because they don’t want to pay a living wage or benefits and prefer our government subsidize them by helping to support their employees.

  3. Harry says:

    Another attack by { Operation Subversion } Liberal Z’s hard at work!